Blade Runner 2049 - Deckard Blaster Edition


Any fan of Bladerunner will love the idea of owning something which reminds them of the film. Sony in their wisdom have decided to produce a limited edition release of Bladerunner 2049 which has a model replica of Deckard's Blaster. The Blade Runner 2049 Deckard Blaster Edition will feature a replica of the Blaster at a scale of 1: 1  The replica will be made of metal and resin and have 4 small lights (2 on each side) that illuminate with a small button.

My only gripe is that the replica is glued to the base because of some stupid EU regulation. I hope they change their minds about this. The Blaster will be sold in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, but this may change - So far it's sold out in France and Germany. There are small differences in how the limited edition is packaged, the french version will come with an steelcase and more versions of the movie, whereas the German edition is an Amray packaged 2D blueray with Bonus content .