Kudu Moon Globe

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Product designer Oscar Lhermitte with design studio Kudu are collaborating on launching the first topographically accurate lunar globe on kickstarter. The campaign which launched in April 2016 has been very successful and saw them raising nearly 6 times what they were asking for. The project uses the latest data from nasa’s lunar reconnaissance orbiter combined with the skills and advanced capabilities of its creators in mold making and engineering to create truly beautiful and accurate scale models of our satellite.


The Globes come in two sizes a 1/20 million and 1/11 million replicas of the moon with surface features in every detail. Available with an optional a ring of LEDs which revolve around the globe, constantly illuminating the correct face of the moon and recreating the lunar phases as seen from Earth. ‘moon’ has three modes of operation: manual – allowing you to rotate the sun yourself, setting the lunar phase that you would like to see. Demo – letting you observe a synodic month in just 30 seconds. and Live – which synchronises itself with the current position of the real moon. All Moons are manufactured in the studio in London and are individually numbered.


Oscar Lhermitte is a multi-disciplinary designer who sees diversity as a driving force. His body of work ranges from industrial design to photography, video, exhibition curation, set design, art direction, and consulting.

Kudu (Alex du Preez and Peter Krige) focuses on technology led projects and specialises in the development of new electronic products. Their clients include Map Project Office, Hackaball, Beeline and BentoBio Works.

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