Technolust and other cool stuff which brings a smile to the face of the geek in you.

When coming up with a name for my blogs, I often spend weeks sitting around with a troubled brow, worrying away at words and phrases until something clicks. Gadgets, Geeks and Gizmos was no different - I wanted a name which kind of said it all. I love gadgets, useful devices and things which perform some useful function or other. The geek part is easy, I am one, just ask any of my friends, as far back as I can remember I loved really cool and weird stuff; Comics, Sci-fi, fantasy, cool gadgets, weaponry, martial arts, alternative energy, technology and science. I'm a big Star Wars fan, one of the first in the U.K. I remember picking up Star Wars collectables before the movie was even released and seeing the movie on the first day here.

But even before Star Wars, I loved Star Trek, UFO, Space 1999, Six Million Dollar Man, Time Tunnel, 2001 and anything else of a fantastic nature. My teachers at school thought I needed to get my head out of the clouds and return to earth. My father hated my love affair with the weird and the fantastic, and yet he simply fed my appetite even more by coming home with cool stuff from NASA and other cool companies he had worked with.

With Gadgets, Geeks & Gizmos, I want to look at featuring the really cool things that people produce, some of it technologically fascinating and some of just plain cool. If like me, you like these wonderful things and find something others would like to hear about, simply drop us a message.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Mario Georgiou