Sam Haskins

Emma for Vogue Paris - Copyright, Sam Haskins
Maria Carla Boscono, Shot for Vogue Japan - Copyright, Sam Haskins
Sam Haskins is a photographer whose work has graced the pages of many fashion magazines and advertising campaigns. A prize winning photographer and early imageer whose work features the human form, still lifes, travelogues, surrealist influences and graphically powerful compositions.

Cowboy Kate and Other Stories - Copyright, Sam Haskins
He was one of the first photographers to pioneer the production and publishing of photographic essays. His first book Five Girls - 1962, created quite a stir when it was published in the early 60's. His second book Cowboy Kate and Other Stories - 1964, was so well received it was awarded the Prix Nadar.

Homage to Magritte - Copyright, Sam Haskins
flood and drought - Copyright, Sam Haskins
Sam has been at the forefront of the creative manipulation of photography and has been especially innovative in his use of non digital techniques. Sam is also a convert to digital and spends many hours working with Photoshop. I've been told he continues to shoot with his much loved Pentax 6x7 and scanning his negatives and transparencies with an Imacon and printing on an Epson 7800. Visit his site and blog for more information.