is a web community of artists who collaborate and share idea, images, work and experience. It is a place for education and a webportal where you can meet like minded peoples.
Conceptart provides a venue where you can showcase your works and get feedback from like minded individuals. It is also frequented by industry professionals and by corporate sponsors based in the world of digital creativity. In their own words: "We have lofty goals. We want a place which we can all learn and share our works. We want to improve the quality of art education on the internet. We do not believe that the information about art should be only for those who can afford the expensive private schools. We want to help those with talent, regardless of income. We want to even be able to offer scholarships to a select few with need and talent. The latter is one of our biggest goals and we are currently seeking corporate sponsorships in order to make this happen. It will happen."

The site is frequented by individuals who work with companies like: LucasFilm, ILM, Tippett Studios, Massive Black Inc, Nintendo, Acclaim, Escape, Vivendi-Universal, Ubisoft, Blur, id, Flagship Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, and many more. I vist them regularly to catch up on what several of my favourite artists are getting up to. Join the community and visit them today at