GFX Artist is another of my regular watering holes. It is a community site aimed at professionals and also the next generation of digital artists. At the site you will find some excellent examples of the state of the art in several creative disciplines.

In their own words they state that - "Our main goal is to create an online environment where our visitors can communicate, learn and expose their work. GFXartist also has an elite system. At the end of every month we line up the most respected and valued artists by looking at the top 10 artworks in the member gallery. To decide who gets the elite status, we let the public vote. Elite members have more access to the site and get to post their work in the Elite gallery, thus providing the users a high quality selection of artists and their work."

GFXartist was started in late 1999 and went live in March 2000, based in Hilversum, The Netherlands they are an excellent source of reference and high art. They regularly feature articles and tutorials on new skills and techniques. Their interviews provide an insiders viewpoint into the industry and the creative process. Do yourself a favour and join today.